Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Beautiful Dresses and Where to Get Them

Hey, beautiful beings!

I always feel that you can never have too many things on your wardrobe. Never too many jackets or pairs of jeans or shoes or T-shirts. And definitely never too many dresses. Any colour, any design, for any occasion, dresses are essentials and they are the best-looking essentials a girl should own. In this new year, I'm already so excited to experience the many things that are coming and I am sure you are too. All the occasions and events that will take place this year, you could only guess!

As I said, every girl must have her own wardrobe of dresses. Could be 5, 10, even 27. *wink* But the problem usually comes when you are out of dresses. It's always okay for me to wear the same dress twice, as long as it's not with the same people. I guess it gives off a little guilt, but I find nothing wrong. Not like I'm walking the red carpet or something, right? But what if you've been so busy you haven't had the time to shop for new dresses?
  • "These dresses don't fit me anymore." *gasp*
  • "Wait I already wore this one in front of my relatives."
  • "Oh no, I wore this 4 times already."
  • "My friends have already seen this one!"
Or maybe you're hunting for a dress for prom. Maybe for your wedding, or your bridesmaids! Now these occasions need a much more perfect and stunning dress. "Looking good" is not enough. You'll need to capture everybody's attention. Dazzle the ballroom or the chapel or the school gym or wherever it is you will be standing.

This post is to help you fix that small problem. Not too long ago, I found this online store that specializes in not only beautiful party dresses, but also bridal dresses and bridesmaid ones. I went into their website and started hunting, and their dresses are divine. I was absolutely blown away by all these dresses that I found in their website, because of the glamorous and stunning designs, as well as the wide range of colours.

Aviva Dresses is an online store specializing in these beautiful dresses. They sell party, prom, evening, bridal, and bridesmaid dresses. Not only are their dresses completely marvellous and beautiful beyond words, but they also have very nice discounts, ladies. You could find them in avivadress.co.uk.

Here are some of my favourites that I picked out from their website (categorised):

1. Bridal dresses

I don't usually do research on bridal dresses like these, but wow. After a while on this website, I found myself scrolling through dozens of elegant, gorgeous, and dazzling bridal dresses. I love bridal dresses, because they're always so sincere and feminine and simple.

I really liked this one in particular. See how it's not even floor-length? I don't know why, but it looks absolutely perfect if you're holding a simple garden wedding ceremony around spring or summer. Maybe in a vineyard in Tuscany or just a garden in the suburbs of Barcelona. This dress goes against the status quo in the prettiest way possible.

There are a lot of things to like about this dress. Chiffon is always the best direction to go, and I was wonderstruck by how it kind of falls in the middle so gracefully. And the little details at the bust? Gorgeous. This would be perfect if you want a little Greek vibe going on, or just about any wedding. This could work for even a beach wedding!

When I saw this dress, it immediately took up a special place in my heart. I love looking at it. How simple and elegant it is, and the details like the lace at the bottom or the rose that tops off every part of this piece.

Who doesn't love mermaid dresses? I felt like this dress was so perfect. Look how it perfectly wraps around you and how stunning the shape of it is. Also, don't forget the pretty details like the fabric itself! Magnificent.

Now look at this ball gown! I feel like in a wedding, every woman should feel like a princess or a queen. What better way to express that than breathtaking dresses like these? I am in love with how they made the bottom part. The structure of the dress itself is stunning. Everything about this is perfect!

Usually, I'm not all up for one-shoulder wedding dresses, but I felt like this one was so gorgeous. The chiffon, ahhhh the chiffon! It is very simple and classic and I love that it's just a little different than the others.

So, if you are looking for a wedding dress or if you have a soon-to-be-married cousin or sister or friend or whoever it is that's getting married, then do check out this website! Immensely beautiful details and designs that are sure to take your breath away! They're beyond my words, honestly.

2. Bridesmaid dresses

Not just wedding dresses, but for the occasion, they do sell bridesmaid dresses as well. I love how they made it perfectly subtle yet elegant and classy just the way it is! There are so many to choose from so I hope you take a look at these ones which are just some of my personal favourites.

Totally in love with the simplicity in this.

These designs are actually so brilliant and pretty! If you don't want your bridesmaids to have identical dresses, this beautiful design just kind of varies at the bottom part of the dresses and has brilliant colours. Aside from that, look how subtle and elegant the top part is.

I can never get enough of chiffon!

This design is really good if you have younger girls being your bridesmaids. I feel it is so sweet and classy!

3. Prom dresses

I was starstruck by so many of their prom dresses, but this one was just beautiful beyond words. The colour and the way it just falls perfectly like that? It looks absolutely magical!

I really like how this one kind of has this little Greek vibe written over it because it's white and embellished with hints of gold detailing. I think this dress could very much make you the most stunning girl for the whole night! You could go with practically any hairstyle with this dress, and add a smokey eye look and you're dazzling!

The contrast working on this whole dress is absolute brilliance. Love how it's so subtle and unique! I guess I'm a sucker for chiffon in shades of blue? The black part of the dress really just perfects the whole ensemble!

Definition of elegance and class? This dress. Yes, this dress.
Look how the fabrics messily but gracefully fall from the bust, and how the top part just wraps around diagonally in the most beautiful way ever. This is so simple, and you're sure to be the belle of the ball wearing this!

This dress looks a lot like the one Taylor Swift wore in her "You Belong with Me" music video. I adore white dresses. They give such a nice and sophisticated look, don't you think? Especially on this dress, it's just magnificent. Like a Disney movie.

Sequin and glitter are beautiful, but I absolutely adore dresses that are plain and only show a gorgeous structure of the fabric and the design itself. It turns it into much more of a raw and beautiful masterpiece. The colour of this dress is stunning, and I don't know if it's the model's pose, but either way, it is flawless.

Orange is not my favourite colour, but wow guys, I am obsessed with this one. So gorgeous! The colour doesn't look cheap, but instead, it looks amazingly radiant. Very magnificent and eye-catching, and I also adore (you guessed it) the chiffon of course!

This design is actually very genius. It's black but not sad-looking, you know? It has a pretty summer vibe about it as well because of the top part. It looks so modern and trendy, but still very elegant. A lady to wear this must have fantastic style!

4. Party dresses

Okay so basically, as you probably know, party dresses are usually more youthful looking and so it's usually about medium length and ends around your knee. I absolutely adore their party dresses, I think they're all so beautiful and festive!

Again, contrasts! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Really adore the sincerity of this dress. It's hard to make a dress that's white but still festive and fun and youthful, because white is usually super bridal, super first-communion, or super formal. So I love the design on this dress and the sequin too!

Personally, I don't usually adore pink party dresses, but I absolutely love how the glitter works on the top part of this dress, and the chiffon is very sensuous and subtle. I love how it's a soft pink as well, not too bold but not too bland!

5. Evening dresses

For the evening dresses, I just chose three ultimate favourites:

This type of blue looks best on a brunette, but the design and colour itself is phenomenal. Even if you're not a brunette, you can pull this off with a beautiful updo or even some glamorous waves! Honestly, this dress is the greatest and most beautiful I've ever seen. Pure elegance and sophistication, in a form of a stunning floor-length chiffon blue dress. Pretty sure that no one will ever take their eyes off you once you wear this to that party! Totally recommended.

This one looks so glamorous and expensive, so much like a red carpet or a gala dress! Very chic, elegant, feminine. This dress does not mess around.

So that is basically all of my favourite dresses that I found on this site. If you are up for a special occasion anytime soon, be sure to check out their site: avivadress.co.uk and check out their amazing, beautiful dresses! They provide such a wide variety within a bunch of categories and all for great prices too.

Hope you all have a splendid week!


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