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INSPIRATION: Customized Mugs

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So I've been going through countless blogs along with their seasonal posts and on most of them I see a lot of holiday-themed posts like Christmas decorations, Christmas recipes, things to do in snow days, etc. The most popular post I've been seeing lately is "Gift Ideas". For him, for her, for yourself, for mom, ahhh I love all this generosity.

Customized Sharpie mugs are awesome gifts to give to practically everyone. Your sibling, your best friend, your partner, even your second cousin. I'm not going to talk about how to make them but here are the links where you can find guides on how to make them in simple and easy steps:
So to put it briefly, all you do is take a mug (one with no coating because usually the coated ones aren't made for markers or paint), decorate it with markers or paint or whatever it is you're planning to use, then you microwave it (or put it in the oven at approx. 300 degrees) for several minutes and you are finished. The links above will provide you with more details on how you could make this super easy, affordable, and lovely DIY project. This post will be focusing on several inspirations on how to create and personalise your mugs!

A. Words of Wisdom, Humor, and More
If you take a look at pictures of customised mugs you'll see that most of them are just writings of little quotes like these! I think it gives such a pretty and simple design, and I happen to love this way of writing on your mugs because you can easily write your favourite quote from the Internet, from your favourite book, or celebrity, you could even write down a sentence said by your mom or your friend that meant a lot to you! Of course, you need to pay attention to the positioning and make sure that it comes out neat and original.

I think these three samples are adorable and so gorgeous. If you're a bit confused on what quote you should write, you could look for nice quotes here, here, or here. Or of course, Google is always the best source (use the keywords "tumblr quotes" for more unique and prettier quotes).

I think this is also an example of the best type of quote to go for. This one time, I wrote on a mug with a marker and sent it as a gift for my cousin, and what I wrote was this inside joke that we both had. So if you think that maybe just ordinary life quotes could be a little too mainstream, you could try using words of humor! "That's what." -She. Ah, genius!

2. Illustrations or Graphics

Other than words, you could use drawings instead! The picture above shows a really adorable example of graphics that you could use. Little monsters or imaginary creatures like unicorns are also really cute and simple to draw (so are other types of child-like drawings). Also, like on the picture, you could also try drawing tiny patterns on your mug's handle to kind of spice it up a little bit more.

If you don't want the design to be a little too childish, cliparts like these also leave pretty neat impressions. Some graphics are pretty detailed, but you could also find simple ones that look like stickers from a lot of sources. I think these camera drawings are adorable because they're really simple. And another thing is that you could give a set of mugs a certain theme and for this, it's "cameras", and maybe you want to go for "monsters" too. Whichever works for you, and this will give room for a lot of creativity, and also give you something to do in your spare time and it will totally spice up your mug cabinet!

So feathers, like these, are pretty cool as well. It doesn't have to be a complex illustration or graphic, just go for something easy but attractive!

I absolutely love this type of design on mugs. I think the branches and leaves, and sometimes flowers, are so dainty and lovely. For this, you would probably need a Sharpie or marker that's not too thick! So don't use regular ones, but use ones with a fine point.

This type of design is also really really cool. It's kind of this modern pattern we normally see in a lot of galleries or prints. All you need if you want to make this is a mug and a gold marker with a fine point! You just start out with tiny triangles, and then you fill them in.

These types of drawings are also really adorable, and all you do is start by drawing a line across the mug which will be the base of the landscape, and then you could just draw little buildings or houses, or trees, in forms of silhouettes! It gives off a modern and dainty look, and it's really nice to look at of course.

Bold graphics like these are sure to spice up your mugs as well! Bold images like flowers and tribal patterns are made to be a lot more eye-catching than the regular ones. For these types of designs, use a marker that's specially thick.

Photo taken from

So, mustaches. They were cool in 2012, but now? Meeehhhhh. They've become a little too overused and mainstream, but you can't deny that they make cute symbols for mugs! The cute thing is how you look once you take a sip. This adorable photo above was taken from another blog and I find it really pretty, and it did the mustache justice too. It's a really simple image, but it's still endlessly adorable.

Oh, and about these designs, if you're a little too doubtful in drawing, try marking it with a pencil first before you overlap it with a marker, or you could ask for help from a friend who's a little more artsy or good at drawing!

3. Nebula Effects

Another type of designing your personalized mugs are these types of patterns. It's really easy to do, and the thing you need besides Sharpies and a mug is an alphabet sticker. You can stick one or more letters on the mug, and then you take out your Sharpie and start making tiny dots that basically dissolve as it goes further from your sticker. After that, you take out the sticker and there you have it! I call it the "Nebula Effect" because there's apparently no other way of putting it to words. The pictures below will clarify it for you!

If you're looking for something like this but a bit more simple, you could diminish the colours (by using a simple black marker) and the bold letters, and just go for simple shapes like cutout hearts, flowers, or stars. The picture below provides an example.

4. Full Patterns 
I think it's really awesome when someone customises their own mugs but doesn't just add something into the design of the mug but basically transforms the mug by giving it a whole new pattern. So in this case, you could find patterns from the Internet or from your favourite garment or fabric, or wrapping paper even, and draw it onto your mug. This makes your mug look a lot more classic and original, and the idea is to just completely fill the sides of your mug.

For something a little different, you could also choose a black or dark-colored mug, and then personalize it with a silver or gold marker like the photo below!

5. Love and Other Drugs Mugs


This is also a really adorable idea to put on your mugs. You can get yourself and your girlfriend/boyfriend matching mugs! This turns it into a super easy and memorable gift idea. Or if you're living with your significant other, then it's also never a bad idea to simply surprise them with this, and you could enjoy using these mugs every morning. You both become happier, relationship gets stronger, mornings are cuter, and mugs are prettier. All is well!

If you're in the middle of a long-distance relationship (and for that, I highly admire you *wink*) then these mugs below will also give you an inspiration.

You can make it at home and take a picture of it, and send one of it off to your partner! It's such an adorable and sweet idea and it's very popular to make these types of mugs as well.

6. Colorizing
Other than customizing your mugs by drawing on them, you could try colorising them by looking at some inspiration below.

Photo taken from

The thing about watercolor mugs is that they'll cost you practically $10 at Barnes & Noble, meanwhile you can make them yourself at home. Way cheaper and easier, right? So once watercolor paint goes into water, it always takes my breath away. The way they kind of dive into the water and they create this beautiful, beautiful flowing pattern inside. I don't know what chemicals they use for making watercolor paint, but I can't think of any chemical reaction that's more beautiful!

This makes your mug look so pretty and artistic, without any wasted effort! The source for this is here, and in the link you'll find the easy steps on how to make these beautifully patterned mugs, as well as more photos!

Maybe you feel that the watercolor bit is too tricky, then you can try this which is so easy and doesn't require any watercolor! You just need ceramic paint, and a mug, and then you dip the mug into the paint and dry it off! I think this is so simple and pretty, and you could pick any colour you want.

This is similar to the one where you dip the mugs, but it's a little modified where you can also use spray paint! So you just cover some parts of the mug, shape it into something you want, and you spray the rest of it. Gold and silver spray paint on coloured mugs give the best outcomes, but you can easily try something else.

I found this and thought that this was so beautiful. It's unique, original, and really really pretty. It gives it a little bit of a classy look as well. It looks expensive, but you could just do it yourself! The source for this picture as well as where you can find a guide on how to do it is in this link.

And for now, that's all the inspiration I could give you on personalizing your mugs. As I said, I think this is a really fun and easy activity to do at home and it gives such adorable and pretty results. Have you ever tried it before? Comment below, I'd love to hear about it! I wish this post gave you tons of inspiration, and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin!

From the girl who loves finding inspiration everywhere,

(None of the photos above are originally taken)


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