Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Happy Holidays" Starter Pack

Okay, okay. The excessive usage of "starter packs" is getting a little out of hand, but for this blog post, I decided to just show you guys several things that I'm loving to start the holidays with this month! I won't be going anywhere this December, but staying at home for Christmas is really nothing to complain about, right? That Christmas cheer truly never gets old, because it's a different experience every year. Different string of events leading up to it, different people, and that's what I like about Christmas. It leaves a big red mark in the calendars of our lives.

So here are the things I wanted to show you:

This is something fun that I decided to do earlier this month. Firstly, to paint my nails black. There's really something about black nail polish that just makes your life feel a lot better. So no big deal about it, but I'm just totally in love with how my nails look, and in fact, not just loving the sight of my nails but also my wrists! I got this new tattoo (obviously it is not permanent, just a stick-on tattoo), I purchased it from an online store and I think it's absolutely gorgeous. 

My inspiration of purchasing the one with roses and then applying it onto my wrist comes from Luanna Perez, one of my favourite fashion bloggers of all time. Anyway, the image of the tattoo itself has a special meaning for me because I've always been in love with roses. If you read my posts, you'll notice that in my signature in the end, there's a little image of three roses as well. It's not too sentimental, I just think they're beautiful. Also, three is my favourite number (I actually consider it my number). See, I was born on June 3rd (that's the 3rd date of the 6th month in the year of '99) so my birthdate literally shows the first three numbers in the multiplication of three. Also, I'm a 3rd child, and basically in my life, a three shows up at one point or another, and usually something good happens afterwards! So yeah, I've been loving this tattoo on my wrist, it was so easy to apply (only took a little more than 30 seconds) and it's going to last about 30 days, more or less!

Cookies cookies cookies! These things are very important for Christmas time. The ones shown in the picture are just a few of what we actually have at home. We have a bunch of cookies and I love almost every type of cookie there is because I'm such a sucker for cookies. They're really moist but taste really really good and they've been my lovely companions for this December.

This is also really exciting! A few weeks ago, I had already planned to borrow one of my mom's mystery novels to read during the holidays (she has a bookshelf full of them), but then after scanning through the shelf filled with works by Sidney Sheldon, Mary Higgins Clark, and many other authors, I picked up this book that actually contained a holiday-themed mystery plot. I felt like it was the absolute perfect book to read this December, so without any hesitation I picked it up. The title is "Dashing Through the Snow" (I always find it odd every time book covers emphasize on the author's name more than the title of the novel itself). It's written by Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark. Or at least that's what my mom told me she was. And so I'm really excited to start this book.

Also included in my holidays starter pack is a trail of seasonal clothing! I don't have a lot of green items in my wardrobe, but the colours I've been going for lately are red (obviously), white, and black. The combination of these three colours have always been a personal favourite for me. So in the first two pictures, you can see an outfit of mine that I wore to this small concert the music studio was having (I played the piano in this lovely orchestra so that was great for me). The red plaid shirt is from Forever 21, and I styled it like so over a black Pull & Bear tank top. Fun fact about the red shirt, my cousin borrowed it when she went to Taylor Swift's concert in my country which was the RED world tour. I didn't get to come because I was graduating from junior high, but my cousin went. Wearing the shirt. What is it like to have a shirt that saw Taylor Swift meanwhile you never got to experience it yourself? I'm just gonna let you guys guess.

But anyway, for that look I wore this black skirt, it's really nice and simple and I got it from just a local fashion outlet. Another fun fact about this skirt, I initially bought it for a piano exam (since they wanted the participants to wear specifically: A white blouse, a black skirt that goes below the knee, and a pair of short black heels) and that was the first and only time I ever got to wear it. But then after having it for years and not being able to wear it (because it was too long), I decided to start wearing it again but have it altered first. So I had the skirt altered (cut off at the bottom) to turn it into a more playful and casual skirt, and so I wore it for the first look and the look in the 3rd picture.

The 3rd picture was taken in my best friend's birthday dinner, and I stood next to one of my good friends from school. I didn't want to go over the top with my outfit that night so I carefully chose the most simple items I could find that said "birthday dinner" and "best friend", but also said "I'm excited and totally ready for Christmas". So, I went through my mom's closet and borrowed this lovely red scarf, and then I picked up this white top from my wardrobe, and then the black skirt. You couldn't see it but I wore it with a pair of black heels. Like I said: red, white, and black.

Of course, the last but not least thing in my starter pack: Christmas lights and decorations! These have always been the things that make Christmas, well, Christmas. You see it on the streets, in the malls, in people's houses, everywhere, and it's the most spectacular thing. I love love love Christmas lights, and I feel like I could just put them everywhere in my room and become the happiest girl on earth (I am planning on purchasing a few from a mall near my neighbourhood because there's this little store that's set up every December only to sell Christmas items for a good bargain). I took these pictures from my school's Christmas celebration yesterday, which was really cool. I love taking pictures of Christmas decorations because they're effortlessly beautiful. It works like heaven for my camera.

Those are the things to love this early December. I'm so excited for Christmas and I can't wait to share a lot of stuff here about my holiday, and many other things that can be remembered this December. What's your "Happy Holidays" starter pack? What's making you excited for Christmas? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear all about it. :) I hope you stay tuned!

From the girl who, as you can probably tell, loves Christmas,


  1. Nice post. I love Christmas decor. xx

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  3. Great post! I also love painting my nails black over almost any other colour! I am also IN LOVE with your outfit with the tartan shirt, I'm totally going to try and re-create it!

    Lauren x

    P.S Thank you for the loveliest comments ever on my blog! <3