Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Life in Instagram Squares

Hey, guys. I hope you're all having a lovely holiday (mine is about to end really soon *sniff*). These are the last moments of 2014 and I am not in another country, not having this joyride adventure, but instead I am stuck at home in my bedroom with a bad case of a sore throat, a cold, and some horrible coughs. Sad face.

But anyway, I wanted to share some recent pictures from my Instagram feed that practically summarizes my 2014 in some ways. If you want to see my photo feed, you could visit this post I made a while ago called "Ten Thousand Words" where I posted 10 of my best pictures. I hope your day is going a bit better than mine is.

INSPIRATION: Customized Mugs

Hey there, lovely beings!
So I've been going through countless blogs along with their seasonal posts and on most of them I see a lot of holiday-themed posts like Christmas decorations, Christmas recipes, things to do in snow days, etc. The most popular post I've been seeing lately is "Gift Ideas". For him, for her, for yourself, for mom, ahhh I love all this generosity.

Customized Sharpie mugs are awesome gifts to give to practically everyone. Your sibling, your best friend, your partner, even your second cousin. I'm not going to talk about how to make them but here are the links where you can find guides on how to make them in simple and easy steps:
So to put it briefly, all you do is take a mug (one with no coating because usually the coated ones aren't made for markers or paint), decorate it with markers or paint or whatever it is you're planning to use, then you microwave it (or put it in the oven at approx. 300 degrees) for several minutes and you are finished. The links above will provide you with more details on how you could make this super easy, affordable, and lovely DIY project. This post will be focusing on several inspirations on how to create and personalise your mugs!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2014

Hey there, lovely people!
Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas, and I apologise that my last post wasn't all that good because I was rushed in doing it because my schedule was packed. But now, I'm back with a new post and I noticed that my page views have indeed been decreasing, but I was completely stuffed around Christmas day that I had absolutely no time to blog, but I'm so glad that now I can make a new post! So today I'll be sharing about several stuff that I got for Christmas this year. I got a bunch of stuff that I'm super excited about, and please note that the bloggers who do this (including myself) never do it to brag, but I really just want to share this with you guys because I find it exciting and it certainly made me really happy. So here it is!

This Christmas, one of the stuff I got was this little OPI nail polish pack. It seemed that they were going for a little James Bond theme in honour of an anniversary: "50 Years of James Bond". I got this from my cousin and thought it was so cool and the shades are so pretty. My favourite is probably the Solitaire one, but the pink one is also really really chic and pretty (but I'm never going to say that ever again). I also think the red one is very bold and festive.

OPI has always been an ultimate favourite when it comes to nail polish because they are very innovative, and I've always loved the textures and the colours of their products. Not to mention, their polish is long-lasting so it's definitely an investment. If you want to buy this pack online, you can click on this link and buy it for only £12.95!

Next thing on the list is this really nice tee I got from my grandma. It's from Aeropostale and that really made me excited because I'm a big fan of Aeropostale. It's this simple tee with a really smooth and nice fabric. Joanne, that's not how you hang a T-shirt and don't worry I know it isn't but I just hung it like that to get a good photo of it. The thing that makes it so perfect is the printed words, it says "Must sleep more" and okay, that perfectly defines me you guys.

Friday, December 26, 2014

My Christmas in Colors

The Church's centrepiece

Merry Christmas, lovely people! 
So I just decided to take a few pictures on my phone with this super cool colourful LemeCam effect that will kind of show you guys a little compilation of what my Christmas looks like. I didn't cover every part of my Christmas but here are just a few.

They had quite pretty windows and glass art. It was pretty big and crowded.

Okay so the two pictures above are from church. I went to my own church on Christmas Day for the 10 AM service, but for Christmas Eve, I kind of decided to accompany my mom and some of my relatives and go to this Catholic church for their Christmas Eve service. It didn't do much good to me though, because I found that it was a bit too ritual for me and I just wasn't used to any of it. I used to join this Catholic church when I was little, but then I stopped. It's different for everyone, I suppose!

I went super casual for Christmas day because I did not feel like dressing up for the day. I only saw some of my relatives and I went to church with my siblings as well. I think age-appropriate-wise, it's okay if I don't wear a $20 dress just for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa Baby (Part 2)

Hello, guys!

Before I get on to anything, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I wish you all joy and love and more opportunities to come. Here, it's still Christmas Eve but might as well. Wishing all the readers and bloggers out there a joyous Christmas!

So about last week, I made a post titled "Santa Baby" where I featured a bunch of stuff I picked online from ASOS and Forever 21 and basically I decided to put up a sequel to that post. In this post, I'll be showing you guys a bunch of holiday picks I picked out and stuffed into my wish list after browsing through H&M online.

It's basically a haul, but without the actual buying. A haul that only includes being mesmerized by the items and crying because you can't buy all of them. So..... yeah. 

Someday, I'll totally save up for these little hauls that I do, but for now, enjoy these items! (I also put up the links of these items if you happen to love it, so you can easily purchase it!) (The prices may not be exact because these are converted currencies)

  1. Peplum Jacket ($48.35) : I felt like this jacket was so on point. So stylish and sharp!
  2. Fake Fur Jacket ($72.53) : Oh my, can we just talk about this for a second? The adorableness is beyond me. The ears, ahhh!
  3. Oversized T-shirt ($20.14) : I've always wanted a tee with a superhero symbol. This might sound silly but it's a craving.
  4. Fine-knit Jumper ($28.20) : So in love with the colour and the fabric!
  5. Pattern-knit Jumper ($36.26) : What's better than a jumper? A knitted jumper. What's better than a knitted jumper? A knitted jumper with stripes.
  6. Fine-knit Jumper ($12.08) : I find this item to be really cute, and it has a good price!
  7. Boat-neck Top ($20.14) : I have a weird thing for boat-necks! And a weird obsession towards stripes. 
  8. Cable-knit Jumper ($32.23) : I've always wanted one because I don't own a cable-knit jumper and feel like I've always loved these things. It's quite sad for me.
  9. Hooded Top ($32.23) : Hoodies will eternally have a special place in my heart wardrobe.
  10. Sweatshirt ($12.08) : The colour of this sweatshirt is.... everything. It looks so great and it's not too pricey, which is perfect!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lunch with Nikki

Today, I had lunch with my mom, my good friend Nikki, Nikki's mom, and a friend of our moms. We went to this cool place across town called "Historica". It's a small and adorable little cafe that basically sells coffee, pastry, brunch, and breakfast. I adored the interior and I felt like sharing these photos from the wonderful day with you guys! Their service was good, and the food I had was awesome, but the last time I went here, I ordered a green tea latte and it was the worst I had in the world. I guess today, the ones I ordered weren't so bad.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Thoughts on Dior Pre-Fall 2015

Greetings, lovely people.
I logged into and found out about Dior's most recent fashion show. I've been paying a lot of attention to their gorgeous beauty products (along with the beautiful campaigns with their hashtags like #ItDior or #DiorTips), but this fashion show kind of caught me off guard. According to the reviews, it's said that Dior has had a lot of history with Japan. Nicole Phelps, in her review in the website, mentioned:
The house of Dior has a long history with Japan. In the early '50s Christian Dior designed a series of looks in fabrics from Kyoto's famous Tatsumura workshop. Around the same time, the Tokyo department store Daimaru began selling his haute couture. Later, Dior was commissioned to design three dresses for the civil portion of Princess Michiko's wedding ceremony. But the designer's fascination with the country began earlier than that. In his autobiography, he recalled his childhood obsession with the Japanese screens in his Granville home, likening them to his "Sistine Chapel."

To sum it up, this kind of explains that the collection gives off certain aesthetics. I wouldn't exactly name it "Japanese" but from the aspects of the makeup and the hair, also the edgy patterns and silhouettes, not to mention the setting of the show itself (modern and sleek, not as rosy as how Dior is usually) it's not hard to tell.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fearfully and Wonderfully

Here's the thing: The holidays arrived about a week ago and I just can't tell you how immensely happy I am because of it. I've been spending my days laying in bed, sleeping in, watching tons of movies and episodes of my favorite TV shows (Criminal Minds, Castle, or whatever comes on the TV), eating way more than I do regularly, and just being free from anything holding me down. Of course I'm not a chirping bluebird just yet, because there are still a handful of personal things I have yet to finish up (some are quite depressing) but hopefully it'll all be done by the 18th! (Nothing special on the 18th anyway, it's just a deadline I set for myself because I want it all to be over so I can just relax.)

I wanted to post this specifically to just share about the most recent things that I've stumbled upon, or things that have been happening recently. A little bit about myself: I find a lot of things interesting. For example, a woman might be a redhead and she might sit next to a brunette at the train station and once I see it, my thoughts will shoot in four different directions like rockets, and for the next three minutes I'll probably just be sitting there and thinking how utterly amazing it is that there are 7 billion people on this planet and not a single one is the same as the other.

One. Just a few days ago, the sky was absolutely beautiful. This is not supposed to be a big deal, but to me it was pretty fantastic. We live right in the middle of a very tropical climate, meaning what? We don't get winter. Or autumn. Or spring. Or summer. Well, we kind of get summer. Basically, we only have two seasons: Hot, and rainy. Rainy days come to us in the first and last 3 months of the year, more or less. So, the sky has decided that it wanted to spit out nothing but rain and wind all week long. I love rain, but nobody can say no to a beautiful blue sky like this.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Santa Baby

December is always such an eventful month, and I mean it because of the Christmas events happening everywhere. I keep telling myself not to expect too many things at this time, but okay: I can't help it.
I cannot get over just how much I'm in love with these items from Asos, Forever 21, and many more. I keep telling myself to never check out their catalogs online because I'll end up saving them as bookmarks on my laptop and wanting to buy them all, but last night was kind of a weak point. I've been wanting to get holiday dresses, and cozy sweaters, and stylish outerwear, all the things I could never afford. These things are going straight into my wish list, though! But anyway, I wanted you guys to take a look on these holiday picks of mine:

First things first, just to make it clear, I have an odd obsession towards outerwear. Coats, cardigans, anything you could find, it's so easy for me to fall in love with them.

Zip-Up Puffer Jacket from Forever 21 for $41.93

Shawl Collar Coat from Forever 21 for $44.03 

Hooded Longline Utility Jacket from Forever 21 for $37.03

Faux Shearling-Lined Moto Jacket from Forever 21 for $41.86

Plated-Collar Trapeze Dress from Forever 21 for $22.90

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Hey guys!
Meet Jane. Fun fact: Jane is my stepsister and is in university, she goes to the Raffles College of Design and Commerce and is taking a course in Fashion Marketing. She's in her second year right now, and so she has a bunch of projects that usually revolve around presentations, publications, advertisements, et cetera et cetera. Well she knows a thing or two about my love for photography, so more often than not, she would ask for me to take photos of her for a campaign ad, or maybe film a commercial for a fashion line, and it gets interesting from time to time. 

JANE'S WEARING: Sunglasses from H&M, a dress from Zara, a denim jacket from Colorbox (altered and made shorter), a pair of boots from Forever 21, and the necklace is from a small local boutique in Singapore.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Happy Holidays" Starter Pack

Okay, okay. The excessive usage of "starter packs" is getting a little out of hand, but for this blog post, I decided to just show you guys several things that I'm loving to start the holidays with this month! I won't be going anywhere this December, but staying at home for Christmas is really nothing to complain about, right? That Christmas cheer truly never gets old, because it's a different experience every year. Different string of events leading up to it, different people, and that's what I like about Christmas. It leaves a big red mark in the calendars of our lives.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thoughts on VSFS 2014

Greetings, amazing people who decided to read my blog post.
So this post will be a little different from the others. Do prepare yourselves for an excessive dose of sensuous and gorgeous pictures of the beautiful angels from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014, which took place in London for the first time ever (I guess last year's "British Invasion" was kind of a hint). The brand's annual extravaganza is always this very important thing that many women (and men) all around the world look forward to and I don't blame them! Of course, I am still strongly against the idea of enforcing model-like body stereotypes onto women or younger females like me, but I feel like it shows the absolute power of a woman's secret. Well, Victoria's Secret. I like that they are showcasing not only these breathtaking creations along with the lingerie, but I also like how they showcase these beautiful and wonderful models, being an example of happiness and beauty and health or fitness in forms of women.
The VSFSs have always been something I loved, because it's amazing how you could actually hold a fashion show for lingerie, but also turn lingerie into something 40 times more magnifying. They turn underwear into high fashion, and fashion into pure astounding art, strutted by beautiful and healthy models annually. Hence, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Friday, December 5, 2014

December: A Month of Giving

The month of December has dawned upon us and it kind of dawned on me how it is our last month, our last chance to do something meaningful for others and for ourselves. I'm, of course, not implying that I think all of us has wasted just enough on the year 2014 itself. I believe there have been plenty of things happening around us this year, each person with a different story. But now, I feel like there is more to be done than just bid the year farewell. Take Part is a website that contains every bit of article about things that matter: Causes, awareness, pledges, etc. What I wanted to do was to list three causes that I thought should be more highlighted to the world.
Just for your information, I'm not doing this to get praised or to get attention. I do not need your attention, but they do. So this post will provide you with information on the donations involved as well as the link to where you can actually donate. It only takes a few clicks to start making change. There is a reason why I called this blog "a blog of important things", and it's because I wanted to post about all the things I find important of worth talking about. I strongly feel that this is the most important post I've made. Here are three ways you can give this Christmas:

1. Clean Water and Food Security for Africa

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Personal Movie Reviews

Hello, fellow earthlings!
So November is coming to an end, and I can't say I'm not devastated. Of course, November has been a pretty rough and unexpected month for me personally, but I'm mostly just surprised on how fast time goes (didn't I have that New Year's Eve gathering last week?). I don't know why I feel like life treats us all like a time-bomb, and we never know where it ends. They say that the older we get, the faster our life goes by, because there's a pure mathematical and logical reason. They say it's because a year to a 4-year-old is a quarter of his life. But, to a 30-year-old, it is a thirtieth of his life, therefore it holds the same amount but on a totally different ratio, and so on. Basically, everything is the same, but to each person, it never is. Pure insanity!
But anyway, that's not what I made this post for. I've always found movies very interesting and I watch them in the theatres really often with my friends and family. And so, I decided to list only five films that I've watched recently and I'm going to write whether I liked them or not, and why. Of course, mild spoiler alert for these movies but I'll be respectful!

1. Big Hero 6

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I'm on Bloglovin!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pretty But Unpretty

This is the reason why beauty is a lie.
The reason why "pretty" is nothing but a contradiction.
This is the reason why nearly every female throws themselves into an abyss of "I am unattractive".
This is the reason, and I'm going to talk about it.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Fifteen is an interesting age. I've only been experiencing this for 5 months now, but I feel like there are more ups and downs in my life already than there are stray cats in my neighbourhood.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I'm slowly entering my second week away from home on this trip with my mother in Europe. I've been spending time in Rome for the last 3 days, and tomorrow I'm leaving for France. So fast.
I started thinking, of course, about the world. It was my first (well, not exactly first, but I guess the first that I'll remember) time being surrounded by so many Caucasians, and being there I become even more conscious of the stories I'm surrounded with. So many different people! It's crazy! One minute you're walking past a beggar with a small baby, then you're walking past an Asian with red hair, and then a Mexican with a nose piercing, then an Italian with the perfect shade of red lipstick. It's absolutely overwhelming for me, and I love it.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Faith Like Potatoes

I am watching this incredible and spiritual film. It tells a story of a white farmer trying to make ends meet in the lands of Africa, along with living with his 4 kids and his wife. Then he finds Jesus and starts seeing miracles happen in his life.